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14 February 2011 @ 12:22 pm
Chitose; 2011-01-24 + Now  
2011-01-24 01:52:30
The name for fans

Gradually the members are also participating, so it has really expanded.

Lonely ideas always scatter and don't gather up
It's a habit [of mine] for lonely ideas that don't gather up are scattered, but I gathered up everyone's proposition results.

Because I received messages that 'Berry' is a good idea [for the name], let's go ahead with Berry okay!!

Thank you everyone for your many ideas. Thank you everyone for thinking about Remming― thank you―

But Kohsuke's fans are [called] Victory, right w

Now update

[1/24@18:35, Reply to auncia's Jin]
I just noticed that you're following me (laughs)I can't handle Ameblo at all. I want to loiter the tea water!

It's raining. Everyone, don't forget an umbrella. I'm sodden since I forgot mine