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22 January 2011 @ 12:54 pm
Chitose; 2011-01-21 + Now updates  
2011-01-21 00:52:03
I had a late start, but

Today at the studio, we hurriedly played a new song.

Somehow or other yet I made the song, so when everyone did all sorts of preparations I was surprised.

The person that made it himself didn't do preparations at all.

The beat in the background is not very good, but the new song is very much of a background song anyway.
It's only me that doesn't unite the rhythm fairly so it's insulted Kohchan's drumming.

I'll practice until next time.

I made this rule that the band will be really good in rhythm, so it's like band magic.

And even though the new song is really fun, I forgot to take a photo at the studio.

Since we'll be recording next week, I have to make preparations.

For the time being, a discussion about Kashiwa's Peter Pan

Recording is fun♪

Now update
Oh yeah, that reminds me, we still haven't decided what to call the fans f^_^;

[2:11AM] Stretch and the hurdle becomes high, so we will decide ahead of time. Around next month, lol, but what will be good? I like Remioromen's song Denwa

[2:31AM@fan reply] Then there's not much pressure, is there f(;^_^A

[09:59AM@fan reply] What kind of fur does a mink have?

[10:00AM@fan reply] It feels like a transformation, doesn't it!

[10:02@fan reply] Remii seems to be the most popular.

[10:03@fan reply] I want to. But I can't quite decide

[10:11@fan reply] Is that okay for male fans?

[10:15@fan reply] I'm thinking about it too much, so I can't gather it all up.

[around 7PM] I got a preview of the sale items. They look good.